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Double Protection for Highly Corrosive Applications: Armoloy Bi-Protec

Metals used in parts, tools, and equipment are carefully selected for their specific characteristics. Chief among them in virtually every application are strength and durability. That is because various destructive forces go on the offensive the moment a component is put into service. Enter Armoloy Bi-Protec

Corrosion, erosion, abrasion, contact fatigue, and other natural processes are relentless in attempting to damage and weaken metal assets. Without added protection from these forces, even stainless-steel components eventually succumb. 

Fortunately, there are products that can form a protective barrier that extends the useful life of metal assets. In addition, they can improve part or product performance. 

However, some environments are especially inhospitable to metals. In those applications, even the strongest of advanced coatings can use an assist. Enter the Armoloy Bi-Protec® solution.  

Bi-Protec: Maximum Corrosion Prevention 

Bi-Protec® is one Armoloy product in a portfolio we call our “Big 7.” Over 60 years ago, we developed a revolutionary thin dense chrome coating that came to be known as Armoloy TDC® and is widely regarded as a product that provides exceptional protection even when applied in ultrathin layers. Since then, we have modified and enhanced that coating to meet different challenges. 

Bi-Protec® is designed to address the requirements of highly corrosive applications. Applying it to a substrate is a two-step process that involves electroless nickel paired with Armoloy TDC® and XADC®. Specifically, Bi-Protec® leverages electroless nickel at a thickness of .0002/.003″ followed by a thin, dense chrome deposit of .0001/.0005″. The result is a combination coating with all the positive attributes of its component materials.

A Must-Have Nickel/Chromium Coating in an Array of Industries

Companies in a wide variety of industries have us apply Bi-Protec® to their metal assets to optimize their performance and maximize their lifespan. The coating even helps components retain a like-new appearance longer, which can be an important characteristic in some scenarios.

One of the best examples of an extreme environment where Bi-Protec® is indispensable is oil and gas “downhole” applications. Companies invest too much time, effort, and capital to have metal components fail in a well and delay operations. Applying Bi-Protec® to mission-critical assets enables crews to work longer and more productively without changing tools and equipment.   

Bi-Protec by the Numbers

Bi-Protec® provides a hardness of up to 78Rc with wear less than 1.2 TWI in deposits that can go up to .0035”. Components protected with the coating have tremendous corrosion resistance. As an example, they can endure over 500 hours of salt spray.   

Used on all base metals other than magnesium and titanium, Bi-Protec® creates a non-magnetic silver satin finish with a maximum working temperature of 800°F. Compared to other members of our Big 7 coatings, it has similarly outstanding adhesion, lubricity, release properties, and uniformity.  

Innovative Applications of an Exceptional Coating

Collaboration with industry experts is essential to maximizing the benefits of any coating, including Bi-Protec®. The Armoloy Innovation Center makes our extensive expertise available to companies looking to improve their products. 

Designers, manufacturers, procurement professionals, and other stakeholders capitalize on our experience to provide unbeatable protection for their new products and enhance existing designs. They also get valuable information from our continuously expanding library of free white papers and ebooks.

Double protection for metal assets backed by coatings experts ready to assist makes Bi-Protec® the right choice for applications operating in highly-corrosive environments.