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Armoloy Franchise Opportunities

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Armoloy Franchise Opportunities

Bring a Leading Industrial Necessity to Your Manufacturing Community

Thank you for your interest in becoming a licensed applicator for Armoloy’s science of precision coatings. Under the pioneers in thin dense chrome, there is immense opportunity to grow and prosper within the world of manufacturing. From everyday consumer products formed by injection molding to complex aerospace engineering, Armoloy’s mission is to add value across the spectrum of manufacturing applications.
Armoloy grew the science of precision coatings on bold ambition and three core principles: Service Quality, Dependability, and Repeatability. The Armoloy Corporation and its franchisees are committed to being where industry needs it the most.
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Perpetual Support – Continuous Training

As a licensed applicator of Armoloy’s precision coatings, you gain the unmatched resources of our entire operating system. This includes industry experts and material scientists who provide exceptional support and consultation in areas such as metallurgy, failure analysis, operations, marketing, human resources, and finance. We also provide extensive training in metal plating to give your location a strong and solid foundation to drive sales, partnerships, and cash flow.

When you decide to become a licensed applicator with The Armoloy Corporation, you’re provided the proper support to get started. We help to build your organizational momentum at the very beginning by assisting you with business-critical pre-requisites such as:

  • Learning how to run Armoloy’s proprietary plating processes
  • Selecting a strategic location for operation
  • Networking with fellow franchisees

The Armoloy Corporation has 16 franchise locations spread across 7 countries and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. If you’re interested in franchising with the Armoloy brand of precision coatings, learn how to become a licensed application specialist for Armoloy and let our team of experts guide your business venture to sensational success. An employee-owned organization, the Armoloy brand has the recognition you need to achieve success. With industry in perpetual demand to satisfy consumers around the world, we don’t stop growing, and neither will you.

Become a Licensed Application Specialist for Armoloy

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