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metal surface treatments

Engineering at Armoloy

Meeting requirements and optimizing efficiency through extensive collaboration.

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Trusted Partners & Collaborators

Armoloy's engineering process for metal surface treatments involves extensive collaboration with both the customer and our service team as we go through the stages of product design, coating selection, process design and process validation.
After taking the time to understand the project's unique technical requirements, our team tailors a product's concept, design, and production to ensure the highest quality outcome. With Armoloy's cradle-to-grave approach to R&D and project management, we'll ensure that you have an optimal engineered materials solution tailored to your project's specific requirements.

Innovation Center

The Innovation Center is a coating/plating-specific metallurgical consultant service and laboratory aiding in developing coating/plating applications and procurement solutions.

We primarily provide innovation services for:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
  • Original Design Manufacturers (ODM)
  • Process Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Specification Sponsors
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Metallurgists
  • Research & Development
  • Institutions (universities, metallurgical sciences, engineering trade schools)
  • Tooling/Machine Shops

Processing Centers in Illinois & Rhode Island

In partnership with the Armoloy Corporation’s Innovation Center, the Processes Development Facilities develop processes, procedures, training programs, and design/builds custom production or prototype tooling for the electroplating processes. Their objectives are to identify and document process parameters to maintain tight quality controls and mitigate variabilities while optimizing efficiencies.

We primarily provide process development services for:

  • Supply Chain Specialists
  • Procurement/Purchasing
  • Quality Specialists
  • Process Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Six Sigma Specialists
  • Quality Engineers
  • Tooling/Machine Shops

Our team of engineers and process experts works with you to design, engineer, and implement any number of metal surface treatments to ensure we correctly perform critical and complex jobs from the start. From coating selection to defining quality requirements and product testing, we support our customers through all stages of product development when coatings are required. We engineer solutions that we can then implement at any one of our 16 processing facilities worldwide.

We primarily provide product development for:

  • Order Flow
  • Application discussion
  • Coating selection
  • Define requirements (per sales form... thickness, base metal, critical areas, masking, volumes, certifications, etc.)
  • Engineer plating process
  • Define plating parameters
  • Define hold points
  • Design and fabricate plating racks and tooling
  • Process parts / trial run
  • Evaluate quality (visual, 500x visual, deposit thickness, coverage, etc.)
  • Document process inputs
  • Determine appropriate Armoloy fulfillment center for production runs (based on proximity to customer, part size, complexity, capacity, accreditations, etc.)
  • Hand off proven processes and materials to fulfillment center
  • Execute test runs to ensure repeatability
  • Support fulfillment center with production run and qualification activities
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Industries Served

Armoloy provides metal surface treatments and engineered materials solutions in all of the following industries and more:

Renewable Energy
Linear Motion
Injection Molding
Food & Drug
Oil & Gas
Machined Components

Armoloy’s Engineering Process

Our engineering process follows the introductory and initial research and development phase of the project. Because this phase can include an expansive range of variables, our team emphasizes both collaboration and consistent communication throughout.

After verifying critical aspects of the project and developing a refined product concept, we’ll begin prototyping and use the process to create a finalized design and bill of materials. From there, Armoloy utilizes two different process development facilities for the purposes of validation—ensuring successful project outcomes by mitigating variables and maintaining tight quality control.

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