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Innovative Surface Engineering Partners

Armoloy is a trusted partner providing metal surface treatment solutions worldwide.

Armoloy Corporation

Custom Solutions. Infinite Possibilities.

Armoloy offers a diversified portfolio of plating technologies, each tailored to specific applications and environments. Armoloy’s meticulously engineered metal surface treatments are designed to increase production efficiencies, minimize downtime, reduce energy consumption, and mitigate metal failures.

Our metal coatings offer the capability to increase wear life, reduce friction, and protect from corrosion, erosion, and galling—among many other benefits. With a specialization in high-precision solutions, the Armoloy Corporation provides multiple surface treatments to the manufacturing community.

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  • 16 locations in 7 countries
  • NADCAP, AS9100, and ISO 9001-certified plating facilities
  • NADCAP-certified chemical and metallurgical testing laboratory
  • Metal surface treatments to prevent metal failures and improve machine performance

Armoloy provides a range of metal surface treatments, encompassing two highly distinctive Thin Dense Chrome surface textures, performance-enhancing co-deposits, multiple electroless nickel plating options, as well as citric and nitric passivation.

Our solutions match the right metal coating with the right application—thereby improving longevity and wear life, reducing friction, and protecting from corrosion.

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Solving Problems With Time-Tested Solutions

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Since 1957, The Armoloy Corporation has been an industry leader, consistently providing exceptional surface engineering solutions. Our journey commenced with a groundbreaking discovery in microcracked thin dense chrome, which ultimately led to the development of our flagship product, Nodular Thin Dense Chrome.

Nodular Thin Dense Chrome represents the culmination of years of research and innovation, offering unmatched benefits across a wide array of applications. It significantly extends the lifespan of metal components, reduces machine downtime, and adds substantial value by cutting warranty and replacement costs. This flagship product has not only revolutionized the industry but has also set a new standard for surface engineering.

What sets us apart is our global footprint, which enables us to maximize supply chain efficiencies, ensuring that our exceptional solutions are accessible worldwide. It’s essential to emphasize that both our original Thin Dense Chrome and the Nodular variant possess unique properties and advantages, each tailored to specific purposes and applications. While Nodular Thin Dense Chrome takes the lead as our flagship product, our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we continue to offer a comprehensive range of solutions, guaranteeing that you receive the perfect surface treatment for your specific needs.

When it comes to excellence that has guided the industry for more than six decades, trust Armoloy to not only deliver exceptional surface engineering but also to optimize your supply chain with our global reach.

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Partnering With Armoloy

Armoloy and our team members work side-by-side with clients across the globe.

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With multiple locations in several countries, the Armoloy Corporation offers a truly global reach to where industry need it most—wherever they may be!

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Eliminate metal failure and improve machine performance for your operations. Meet our group of curious, innovative engineers and learn how we can help improve your industry with science-based solutions.