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At Armoloy, we are more than just a metal coating service provider; we are a strategic partner in your logistics and fulfillment journey. We recognize that logistics professionals seek suppliers who not only understand their business needs but also align with their supply chain strategies for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness​​​​.
Our global network, encompassing 10 domestic and 6 international processing facilities, is not just about geographical reach. It represents our commitment to compliance, ensuring that every shipment meets regional and global standards, and is in line with the latest safety and environmental regulations​​​​.


Fulfillment & Logistics Highlights

  • 10 processing facilities in the United States
  • 6 international processing facilities
  • On-site coating application and/or plating
  • Partners served based on region and/or specialty
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  • Secure shipments
  • Custom solutions
  • Scalability
  • Regulatory compliance
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Industries Served

Armoloy provides comprehensive fulfillment and logistics solutions for metal coating service within the following industries and more:

Renewable Energy
Linear Motion
Injection Molding
Food & Drug
Oil & Gas
Machined Components

Our Fulfillment & Logistics Process

Partnering with Armoloy offers a simplified and accelerated fulfillment process. Our global footprint offers a distinct logistical advantage for customers, with the added benefit of protection for their supply chain through the development of secondary sources within Armoloy’s network.

To ensure quality and maintain the integrity of our operations, licensed Armoloy processing centers handle all aspects of the fulfillment process. Each processing center also operates within the Armoloy Corporation’s strict standards and specifications.

Armoloy’s processing facilities serve multiple purposes, but its primary function is to serve regional and specialty industries through coating application and/or plating. Another goal of these facilities is to ensure that all projects maintain consistency and repeatability in their processes while remaining cost-effective.

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