Armoloy XADC

Armoloy XADC®: A Perfect Partnership Between Chromium and Diamond

Armoloy xadc diamond chrome coating product card

The title of a James Bond film from decades ago stated that Diamonds Are Forever. While we cannot claim that degree of longevity for metal parts, instruments, tools, or devices coated in Armoloy XADC, we can state that it is a highly advanced electrodeposited coating that provides outstanding strength and durability. There is also ample evidence that it and our other chromium-based plating deliver impressive cost savings.  

Building on a Solid Foundation

One area where “forever” applies to our work at Armoloy is that we are continually improving our products. Several decades ago, we pioneered the development of advanced electroplated chromium coatings with our Armoloy Thin Dense Chrome® (TDC). It immediately received—and continues to receive—excellent reviews from organizations that have us coat their metal assets with it. 

However, as design engineers, manufacturers, and end-users know, the performance requirements for tools, products, and their components continue to evolve. Consequently, Armoloy TDC® became more than a standalone product. 

Today, it is the foundation of what we call the Big 7. Along with the original formulation, we have created six others to meet a wide variety of needs (Learn about the Big 7 in our complimentary eBook). The availability of this solution portfolio means that stakeholders can get precisely the functional and aesthetic characteristics their items need without compromising their designs. 

Armoloy XADC: Truly Dynamic Defense Against Destructive Forces  

Diamond is one of the hardest substances on the planet. It registers at 10 on the Mohs scale. Chromium is also an incredibly strong and durable material. 

Armoloy XADC amplifies their benefits by adding a synthetic diamond composite to pure chromium. The synergy produces remarkable characteristics, including that this coating:

  • Can be used with any commonly used manufacturing steel
  • Can be applied in deposits as low as .000050″
  • Forms an absolute bond to the substrate
  • Will not peel, chip, or flake
  • Can produce coefficients of friction as low as .09 when two coated parts interact
  • Rivals 440C stainless steel in its ability to withstand oxidation
  • Leverages the thermal conductivity of co-deposited nanodiamonds to lower running temperatures in high-heat applications (by as much as 20% when compared to other products, including our original coating formulation)
  • Reduces galling, wear, and the need for added lubrication
Applications Across Many Industries

Companies throughout the U.S. in many industries use Armoloy XADC. Wherever conditions call for items to demonstrate high strength, superior resistance to destructive forces, and low friction, you will find organizations using this electrodeposited coating. It is particularly well-known in and well-suited for plastic injection molding applications, especially those where high-glass-fill resins are being formed.

Achieving Success Through Productive Collaborations

For many Armoloy customers, our expertise is just as valuable as our coatings. Armoloy researchers and operations personnel provide them with everything from insights on our coatings to recommendations for their specific products. These resources are available in consultations and through the Armoloy Innovation Center. 

As a result, stakeholders like procurement professionals, product designers, and manufacturers get their needs met efficiently and effectively. For example, people charged with replacing equipment or resolving issues quickly get rapid solutions. Those looking to design or redesign items for maximum performance avoid extensive (and expensive) trial and error, streamlining their development efforts. And teams tasked with improving processes, reducing costs, and enhancing quality meet their objectives with Armoloy’s help. 

Ultimately, the combination of Armoloy XADC and the experts behind the coating delivers unbeatable solutions.