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Stainless Steel Passivation

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Maximizing Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is widely used in a variety of industries due to its inherent corrosion resistance properties. However, during the manufacturing process, free iron and other contaminants can be introduced to the surface of stainless steel, which can compromise its passive layer and increase the risk of corrosion. To prevent this, passivation is used to remove any surface contaminants and maximize the corrosion-resistant nature of stainless steel.
Citric acid passivation, in particular, is a non-electrolytic finishing process that uses citric acid to remove free iron and other surface contaminants from stainless steel surfaces. The citric passivation process results in an inert, passive oxide layer that is rich in chromium oxides, which provides enhanced corrosion protection.

Details About Armoloy Passivation

Initially developed for the beverage industry, citric acid passivation is now commonly used in food, medical, aerospace, semiconductor, and military applications, among others.

The process complies with common industry specifications such as AMS 2700, ASTM A380, and ASTM A967, and is subject to periodic testing using methods such as water immersion, copper sulfate testing, and salt spray (ASTM B 117). Citric acid passivation can be used on most stainless steels, including all 300/400 series SS and high chromium content steels such as 17-4. By removing surface contaminants and maximizing the protective oxide layer, citric passivation can extend the lifespan of stainless steel components and minimize maintenance costs.

To learn more about the passivating process and how it can benefit your industry, check out our two available passivation treatments, citric and nitric. If you’re unsure which passivation treatment is best suited to your requirements, contact our application engineers today for more information.

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ASTM A380 Standard Practice for Cleaning, Descaling, and Passivation of Stainless Steel Parts, Equipment, and Systems
ASTM A967 Standard Specification for Chemical Passivation Treatments for Stainless Steel Parts
AMS 2700 Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels

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