Jose Jacobo
Computer and Information Systems Manager
The Armoloy Corporation

Role in the Company:

Jose’s role at Armoloy encompasses diverse responsibilities centered on information technology and marketing. His primary duties involve overseeing the company’s IT and computer systems. This includes designing and implementing customized systems tailored to meet specific organizational needs. A critical aspect of his role is ensuring that the IT infrastructure is efficient, compliant with relevant standards, and secure from potential threats.

In addition to his IT responsibilities, Jose plays a significant role in the marketing department. He assists with various marketing projects, leveraging his technical expertise to enhance these initiatives. Furthermore, he is responsible for managing marketing resources. Jose leverages this dual role to bridge the gap between IT and marketing to drive the company’s objectives forward.

Professional Experience:

B.S., Northern Illinois University, Marketing

Licenses & Certifications:

  • Professional certificate in Digital Marketing – Northern Illinois University
  • Google IT Support


Professional Accomplishments:

Established the Brain Trust at Armoloy, a dynamic, interdisciplinary team composed of members from various departments within the company, focused on collaborative experimentation and innovation for rapid development and delivery of new products and capabilities. Served as the project manager and lead developer for Armoloy’s tailor-made Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Has previously managed comprehensive migrations involving SharePoint, QuickBooks, Paylocity, and Sage. Engineered a specialized data processing system for a nuclear industry client, including integrating new hardware solutions, achieving significant reductions in time and resources.