The Benefits of Working With a Start-to-Finish Coatings Provider

coatings provider shows thin dense chrome-plated surgical scissors

A couple decides to go out for a nice dinner. There is no reason they can’t get appetizers at one restaurant, a salad at another, their entrees at a third, and dessert somewhere else. And if they’re up for a significant amount of travel between sites, time spent waiting to be seated, etc., they may find that enjoyable.  

But most diners prefer to have all the elements of a meal at one restaurant. Why is that? There are several possible reasons, including a smooth, uninterrupted process, consistent quality, and attentive service from staff members who have a vested interest in making them happy. 

Companies that manufacture stainless steel instruments and devices tend to prefer working with a full-service coatings provider for the same reasons. They know they’ll have the best experience and get the best work from a company that has mastered all aspects of the coatings process: 

Research and development

It makes sense for the company that will be executing a coating solution to collaborate with the customer on developing that solution. In the ME-92 Operations Innovation Center, our experts work with a customer’s product designers, engineers, and other stakeholders to determine the best coating and application process for their needs. 

While we have unmatched knowledge and experience in creating and applying chromium coatings, we understand that nobody knows your products better than you. Bringing both our expertise and yours to bear on a project ensures that together we’ll achieve the best possible outcome.

Process engineering

Once R&D has identified the ideal solution for a coating challenge, the next step is determining how to implement it. Here again, collaboration is the key to success. 

What will the logistics of obtaining the assets look like? How should items be handled to maximize the efficiency of the process and the effectiveness of the coating? What communication channels must be created and maintained? The answers to these and other questions get worked out in our Process Engineering Facilities.

Testing and quality assurance

Well-conceived and executed coatings processes are destined to produce excellent finished products that meet all of your requirements. Even so, exhaustive testing is essential. 

The coatings provider with whom you collaborated on the solution and the processes for implementing it—and therefore has an in-depth understanding of your business, products, and goals—is perfectly positioned to do that testing.  


Ensuring items are expertly coated and thoroughly tested is just part of the process. Getting finished parts where they need to go when they need to be there is equally important.  

Delays and missed deadlines can hurt your business in many short-term and long-term ways. From lost revenue to missed business opportunities, there is too much at stake to work with a coatings company that doesn’t have a firm grasp on fulfillment methods and responsibilities.

coatings provider shows chromium plated medical tools


Debunking the “Specialist” Myth

A coatings provider that isn’t a start-to-finish provider tends to explain away the services they don’t offer by saying that they “specialize” in the services they do offer. 

At ME-92 Operations, we’re committed to developing the industry’s best coatings and applying them using cutting-edge technologies and processes to produce the highest-quality finished products. That commitment has driven us to develop deep expertise in every area, from R&D to fulfillment. 

Do we collaborate with other providers if a particular project calls for a group effort? Absolutely. And we do so seamlessly. But when a customer wants to work with one provider from start to finish, we’ve got the skills, experience, equipment, and facilities to handle every step of the job.

We’re specialists too, only we specialize in all aspects of the coating process.