Define the difference between, decorative chrome, hard chrome and thin dense chrome?

While thin dense chrome (TDC) and hard chrome are both considered functional coatings, TDC differs from traditional hard chrome in the thickness and surface texture. TDC coatings are in the range of 0.0001 to 0.0005”, while traditional hard chrome is usually over 0.002”, and can measure 0.010” or more, depending on the application. Because of the very low effective thickness, thin dense chrome can often be applied to existing designs without affecting tolerances or fit-up. In addition, traditional hard chrome has a microcracked surface while TDC has a micronodular surface. Both provide a low wear surface, but the micronodular texture can provide superior lubrication retention and wear resistance. Decorative chrome is another coating entirely and is actually a multilayer coating applied to provide an attractive, shiny surface with good corrosion resistance.