Kris Johnson

Role in the Company:

As a chemist, I have many responsibilities which entail solution analysis, quality control, troubleshooting, and research & development. Many of the Armoloy locations test to thin dense specifications which include hardness, wear, & corrosion resistance. These responsibilities are from; assuring instruments are working properly, giving the most reliable results, reviewing various publications that coincide with troubleshooting and R&D, and verifying the Armoloy solution and coating are consistent from each location. I would also visit other areas of the plating shop to familiarize myself with numerous techniques used outside the lab. This gives me ideas on how to better the Armoloy process.

Professional Experience:

I received a bachelors degree in biochemistry from Northern Illinois University. During my studies, I participated in chemistry research for three different subjects lasting 2 1/2 years. I attend SAE AMS B Committee meetings which include specifications that Armoloy & other hard chrome coatings test to. I am CEF certified, a former American Chemical Society member, and I attend various webinars on instrumentation the Armoloy Corporate Lab uses. I have also worked under two Lab Directors that have been in the industry for over a combined 40 years. They have providing me with useful knowledge based on past experiences i.e. experimentation or processes seen on the shop floor. They’ve also given me insight on how the coating industry has evolved over the years. Being able to learn from the beginning to present day processes has been a great experience on how to approach certain projects.

Professional Accomplishments:

One of my greatest achievements in the coating industry involved an AMS specification and providing feedback on several variations that cause skewed results. Over several months – a year, I performed numerous tests to prove this theory. The new criteria is now used, almost verbatim, in the current version of the AMS 2438 wear resistance section. One of my many milestones I have for myself is progressing from a lab technician to a chemist. I am currently working towards becoming a sponsor for specifications in the SAE AMS B Committee.

Armoloy locations typically have various other coating solutions. So, for one of those locations, I created written work instructions for each tank, implemented analytical solution controls, and taught the employees about the details of the process i.e. pros & cons. Teaching the employees about troubleshooting & why something needs to be done made me most proud knowing they use those lessons today. I’ve had many mentors in school & my career and I hope to continue moving forward in my journey of becoming a reliable resource & teacher in the industry.