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It Starts With Trust: Finding a Coatings Company That Delivers Peace of Mind

Finding The Right Coatings Company

If you have ever put your young child on a school bus, you are familiar with that uncomfortable feeling of placing something precious into someone else’s care. Even if you don’t have kids or yours don’t ride the bus, you can imagine the unpleasant sensation of letting go and no longer having any control over the situation.    

The metal parts, tools, and devices that companies send off to receive a protective coating aren’t anywhere near as valuable as our children, but the analogy holds up. There is a great deal on the line as you load the truck and send it on its way—as we all know, you’re handing off your product at its most valuable to potentially lose value. Consequently, it is vitally important that you trust your coatings company provider. 

What You Risk With an Unproven Provider

Nobody wants to go through life focused on “worst-case scenarios.” However, in business, you must understand the potential downsides of your decisions in order to reduce your risks and increase the odds of a positive outcome. 

In the case of entrusting a coatings company with your products, if you work with the wrong provider, the most obvious downside is that they will damage the items. At that point, you must deal with the consequences. This can include missed deadlines, cost overruns, frustrated customers, lost business, and a tarnished reputation, to name just a few. 

What You Gain With a Proven Provider

The good news is that you control who you partner with to get your products coated. By performing your due diligence, you can find a coatings company that you know will handle your project professionally and deliver excellent work on time and within budget. 

And you don’t just have to take their word for it. A reputable company can back up its claims with data, references, and other evidence that they are an industry leader. That proof comes in many forms.

Holding current certifications

Several agencies and organizations set standards for different aspects of the coatings industry. Your provider should show you that they meet or exceed all of them.

Indicating that they perform all processes in-house

If you find it uncomfortable to relinquish control of your assets to someone, it should be even more concerning that they then outsource parts of the process to a third party. That occurs more often than you might think.

Having a record of innovation and advancing the industry

If you choose a coatings provider that uses outdated methods and materials, you greatly increase the risk of problems with your project.

Providing customer testimonials

When a current or former customer goes “on the record” about their positive experience, that speaks volumes about the relationship.

Being mentioned by name in blueprints

Product designers who find an excellent coatings company want to ensure that manufacturers use that company. If you see a coatings provider listed on a blueprint, that is the designer’s “stamp of approval.”

Practicing proactive communication

A coatings provider can significantly reduce the feeling that your products are going into a black hole by telling you how and when they will communicate with you about your project. “We’ll get in touch with you as needed” is neither helpful nor reassuring.

Demonstrating environmental responsibility

A trustworthy coatings company prioritizes eco-friendly processes and procedures.  

Protect Your Business With the Right Coatings Partner

Engaging with a coatings company you can rely on delivers one more benefit: powerful peace of mind. Imagine watching a truck full of parts leaving your facility and not feeling concerned but rather confident that the provider will return the items as described and when promised.

Working with the right company makes trips to the bus stop much less stressful!