Metal Coatings

How Metal Coatings Deliver Cost Savings

metal coatings used for cnc milling

Companies that design, manufacture, or rely on metal parts and equipment—like all businesses—must control costs to maximize their profitability. Consequently, every enhancement to a metal asset (like metal coatings) must be worth the expense.

That rule certainly applies to the application of advanced metal coatings to items, especially since they can, in most cases, be used without it. So, is it worth the expense to coat metal assets? Yes, it is, for several reasons outlined below.


Metal Coatings Extend An Asset’s Useful Life

Applying a coating like Thin Dense Chrome (TDC) to an item such as a metal tool protects it from many types of physical forces and chemical reactions that would otherwise damage and/or wear away the metal. This includes erosion, abrasion, metal fatigue, and corrosion. 

In providing that protection, the coating extends the useful life of the tool. How long depends on several factors including the type of metal, the coating applied, how the tool is used, and others. However, in virtually every scenario, a tool’s lifespan is lengthened significantly, which means the company’s overall tool expense is decreased significantly. 

For example, say that a tool costs $1,000 and typically must be replaced every six months. If a chromium coating allows it to last for a year, the tool’s six-month “anniversary” arrives and the company enjoys zero replacement expense—and will not incur that expense for another six months. It is not difficult to see that the savings will add up quickly, even when the cost of the coating process is factored in. 


Coating Metal Assets Reduces Labor Costs

In addition to reducing item replacement costs, coating metal items means less time spent by employees or third parties repairing or replacing worn or damaged items. And, of course, time is money. 

So, if a production line has to be serviced only half as often when key components have a chromium coating, the company incurs half the labor expense that it used to. And that is before even considering the cost of lost productivity during downtime.


Armoloy Metal Coatings Can Be Replaced

Extending the useful life of metal items even further is the fact that Armoloy coatings can be stripped off and replaced as needed. That process tends to be far more cost-effective than replacing a tool or piece of equipment. 

Can the stripping and replacing go on indefinitely—effectively making an item last forever? Probably not. Eventually, natural forces will take their toll. But, as noted above, along the way to a metal item’s inevitable demise, a company can save a significant amount of money. 

metal coatings used on tire rims


Cost Savings Companies Can Leverage in Many Ways 

Ultimately, investing in advanced metal coatings for critical assets becomes an investment in a company’s long-term success. The cost savings that a business “earns” by caring for its assets properly are not just theoretical dollars and cents. They are actual capital that the business can apply in whatever way creates the most desirable return for them. 

Hiring, R&D, training, expanding a product line, penetrating a new market… Cost savings can be used strategically to give a company a competitive edge.


Advanced Metal Coatings and Business Opportunities: Benefits Beyond Cost Savings  

Most companies that learn about the cost savings from coating their metal assets see that as an excellent reason to move forward with an asset protection initiative. But there are benefits beyond cost savings, too. 

For example, coated tools, devices, and equipment typically perform better than uncoated items. That means a company can offer better products or services. This enhances their reputation, which can lead to more work with existing customers and new business opportunities. It may also allow a company to increase the price point for its offerings, which improves its bottom line. 

In addition, coated assets have a more professional appearance than uncoated assets. Some people might dismiss that as unimportant. However, there surely are situations where the psychological effect of an unblemished chromium coating makes a difference. All other factors being equal, a decision-maker is likely to give their business to a company that has the better-looking tools and equipment, in part because it can be seen as a demonstration of their commitment to quality.

Ultimately, advanced metal coatings deliver cost savings and much more!